Toronto School of Theology : Scholarships and Bursaries

The Toronto School of Theology (TST) is an ecumenical centre for graduate theological education and the largest of its kind in Canada.


The following programs are offered by one or more of the members of TST:

Master of Divinity
Master of Theological Studies
Master of Religious Education
Master of Pastoral Studies
Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality
Master of Sacred Music
Master of Arts in Theology
Master of Theology
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Theology

Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships, bursaries and financial aid are offered directly by your college of registration, with the exception of some scholarships that are offered through the Board of Trustees of the Toronto School of Theology (TST). Aside from the Board scholarships and the OGS and SSHRC competitions, inquiries and applications for financial assistance should be directed to your home college.

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