Full Scholarships and Other Types of Funding Information for International Students, 2014-2015 academic year.

Scholarships Available for International Students Wishing to Study Abroad

- Shanghai Government Scholarships for International Students

- President’s International Student Scholarships

- Macquarie University International Scholarship - UAC (Full Scholarship)

- The Karsh Inernational Scholarship (A merit based full scholarship at Duke University.)

- Funding Opportunities Open to Non-US Citizens

- Chinese Government Scholarships (CUCAS )

- Commonwealth Scholarship

- KAAD Scholarship

- DAAD Scholarship

- Australian Scholarship

- Norwegian Scholarship

- WMF Scholarship

- Swedish Scholarship

- New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards · New Zealand

Full Scholarships for Developing Countries

- Unesco Scholarships

- World Bank Scholarships

- Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

- The University of Queensland


- Financial Aid for Undergraduate International Students at NAFSA

- Rotary International Scholarships

- U.S. Federal Government Financial Aid for Foreign Students

- Eiffel Excellence Scholarships